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We can produce you Lifestyle, documentery,  Product or Fashion and Lookbook photography or videos!

It’s so inspiring to create powerful images! The right photo’s and video’s can tell your story, they can inspire, they can move, educate and make people relate to you and your product!    Learn more  ↠  

Wild & Boho Collaboration.

Wild & BOHO is our personal lifestyle blog, two Instagram accounts and a youtube channel. With a total reach of 26000 followers. With our Wild & BOHO collabs, we will use moments of our family and personal lives to create beautiful lifestyle images without having to hire models, locations and styling, and give expousioure to brands who fit our livestyle on our blog and Social Media channels.   Learn more  ↠  


Meet our team!

Meet our team!

It all started with Jolanda, but soon the number of projects and work to be done got too big for one person. So Michiel joined her to form a team. Two is better than one.

Yes … we do not only work together, but we also meet at the same breakfast table! For the last 15 years, we are each other’s port in a storm!
We are (like many couples) each other’s opposites and therefore complement each other so well.


We not only share the love for art, photography and video production, but also the love and care of each other and our three daughters Miley, Haley & Quinn. There is nothing better than working together every day with the one you love the most. We are very well attuned to each other, and we believe that this love and close bond is the key to our success.

About Michiel Fook

Photographer & videographer.
Illustrator, editor
Motion graphic designer

Passionate about filming and editing creative video’s and #vanlife travel movement.

Born in 1985 in Amsterdam and raised in Monnickendam.

Dad to three beautiful daughters Miley, Haley & Quinn and 14 years together with Jolanda.

Finished the Graphic Lyceum (2003),
the MA Av-media design (2008).

Traveled the world for a few months and has been working full-time as an independent art painter from 2008 till 2012.

Teamed up in 2012 with Jolanda to work together as a photography & videography dream team.

Started his #Vanlife Instagram in 2017 and it grew within the first year above 10k followers. 


Instagram account Michiel Fook

About Jolanda Marti

Photographer & videographer.
Social media & concepting creative

Passionate about Social media, especially obsessed with all things Instagram related.

Daughter to a Dutch father and Spanish mother. Mom to three beautiful daughters Miley, Haley & Quinn
and 14 years together with Michiel Fook.
Born in Ilpendam, a small North Holland village under the smoke of Amsterdam.

After finishing the Graphic Lyceum (2003), the introduction year of the Rietveld Academy (2004) and the MA Av-media design (2007) worked at various advertising agencies.
From 2010 working full-time as an independent photographer & videographer.

Formed a team with Michiel in 2012.
Started to blog on Wild& in 2017 to support the posts and photography and video’s on her Instagram with a rapidly growing following.


Instagram account Jolanda Marti

Here are some of the beautiful brands who have worked with us over the past couple of months:


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Contact us to see what the most appropriate form of cooperation will fit with between us. We would love to hear your ideas, answer all your questions. We are happy to brainstorm with you for a tailored solution based on your needs.

We are based in a small village just 5 min. from Amsterdam but we are available to travel worldwide.
Are you located far away!? We would love to meet you on skype.

We love to hear your ideas, answer all your questions and brainstorm with you.


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